ERC – 20 [ETH] Blockchain Only.

Selena token envisions to become a market leader in the Crypto Industry.

Our Mission

Selena aims to be the stakeholder’s go-to community token. Hence, our team of experts is committed to deliver a wholesome crypto community with a profound social platform that screams convenience. In addition, to establish a strong investment fund as a means of strengthening the token. Finally, we are working on multiple other projects which will help achieve our vision. Equally important, is to give back to people by supporting Lupus and Bipolar charities.

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SCP will be covering information, news, and updates on Crypto Currencies. Moreover, SCP will allow users to integrate desired crypto tools for a more appealing experience designed for business professionals and individuals interested in Crypto.

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Part of proceedings received from buy/sell taxes will pour into an investment wallet dedicated to venturing into investments. Therefore, Selena can utilize these investments by paying back to our holders, strengthening our token, and giving back to the community.

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NFT creation/swap/investment projects are essential to Selena. Adjacent to investing in NFTs, we shall develop NFT workshop space for our valued users.

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A platform containing games developed or invested in by Selena. Furthermore, gaming will allow users to give their game reviews while generating income from Selena’s in-game purchases.

Our Projects

Cryptip Logo

Crypto Community Social Platform

It’s a social media platform for the Crypto community that aims to be the place for anyone who is interested in the crypto world, facilitate communication between the community members, and be a highly trusted information source.


It provides many features like:

  • Allowing the user to create an account to communicate with all Cryptip members and experts.
  • Allowing the cryptocurrency owners to create a business account for their cryptocurrency, and easily communicate with their community and the investors in a smart way.

all users can depend on CrypTip as an application that contains all the trading tools through the “Tools” service,
and not only this, you can also enjoy getting the latest updates and trends in the crypto world through the “Trending” service in CrypTip it will keep you updated with the latest research and articles

It also provides the feature of challenging the experts with Tipsters service through recommendation records that shows the real profits of each expert

CrypCapital Logo

Investment fund​

The investment climate is changing, and investors need to create financial legacies that will stand the test of time and world economic changes. As a digital currency assets investment fund CC ( CRYPCAPITAL ) we help investors access the technology and digital economies to build their future quickly and efficiently.

How To Buy Selena

🔒 | Liquidity locked 12 Months

💸 | Buy Tax: 8% (2% Dev | 1% Reflection | 3% Investment | 2% Marketing)

💸 | Sell Tax: 12% (2% Marketing | 2% Dev | 2% Reflection | 2% Investment | 2% Burn | 2% Buy Back)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000


Create your personal wallet via Metamask, trust wallet, or any type of wallet you prefer.


Add funds to your wallet using Ethereum tokens via transfer through exchanges or through a direct purchase using your wallet.


Old contract 0x48e7cfc5862fe6a0ded9a083756114a872056f80

Relaunched contract address



Swap through Uniswap to swap Ethereum for Selena directly with your wallet.






Use your Coinbase, or Metamask to Selena,
Buy through wallet, or transfer from another wallet or exchange



The total amount of our tax is around 12% in total and each of them will be used to further the project effectively

Selena Coin refelectance graphic

1% Reflectance

Reflection tax will be distributed to the holder’s wallets for our investors in every buy and sell.

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2% Dev

Dev tax added to developer team wallet for every buy and sell. To clarify our developers work day and night for your financial growth.

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2% Marketing

Marketing tax will be added to the marketing wallet. Explicitly, marketing is the key to a successful token.

Selena Coin investement graphic

3% Investement

Investment tax goes to the investment wallet for every buy and sell. In fact, rarely that you see a project care about growing holders wallets no matter how the coin is performing.

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2% Buy Back

Buy Back tax will be inserted in the Liquidity Pool (LP) for every buy and sell to strengthen the project’s price floor.

Selena Coin burn graphic

2% Burn

Burned tax goes directly to the burnt wallet for every buy and sell. Evidently, burning will reduce the number of tokens, hence, increasing token value.


The Whitepaper includes our most important information, plans, and projects related to Selena. Notably, reading the Whitepaper is a top priority for our investment to understand what the token stands for.

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